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Time: Your Most Valuable Asset

If I asked what are the most important things in life, you might answer "faith, family, and friends" – and you'd be right. But if I ask what is your most valuable asset, what would your answer be? You might think of money, land, a home – physical assets.

Are physical assets most important?

Or perhaps health is most important to you. After all, what good are money and possessions if you don't have good health to enjoy them, right?

We can find our answer if we ask it another way. What are some factors that make a valuable asset valuable? How about the law of supply and demand? If the demand for something is high and the supply is scarce, we say that something is valuable. A resource that is limited or finite typically has more intrinsic value than a renewable resource.

The thing about money is you can lose it and then make it all back again. You can lose your health and then get it back again.

What is something you can spend but cannot buy, something you can lose but never regain? Time.

Time: your most valuable asset

Time is your most valuable asset. Spend it foolishly and it's gone forever.

The most distracted generation?

We live in perhaps the most distracted generation of all time. Smart phones, internet, TV, video games, daily news, sports, social media, etc. If we aren't careful to protect our time, we can be distracted right out of accomplishing our true priorities. As I mentioned in a previous post, the average person spent nearly 50,000 minutes on social media in 2017! That's over 800 hours per person! Was all that time on social media a waste? Not necessarily. Was all that time put to good use? Probably not.

Time slipping away

You only have one life to live. What are you doing to make your time on earth count? Are you serving God and others? Or is time slipping away with countless distractions?

Making wise use of time requires careful planning and self-discipline. In studying great men and women from history, I am amazed at how much they accomplished – all without computers, automobiles, and cell phones, and often with a shorter lifespan too! Did they know something about time management that we have forgotten?

Time management

We'll cover some time-management tips in future posts.

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